It’s Friday. Finally. I’m doing my first 10k this weekend. Followed by a massage just a few hours later. Then I have dinner plans with a friend and Brunch on Sunday with some more friends. It will be a busy weekend, but a good one. What are you doing this weekend?

Road Trip, Part 2: Eating

I got the idea to spend a day driving to Pepin and back after reading this article in our local paper. Just like the article, I wanted to eat my way through the small towns on both sides of the river. We started with fresh pastries in Prescott, WI. A glazed donut for Husband and a Caramel […]

Holiday Cookies, Already?

Have you started thinking about your Holiday baking. I haven’t. In fact, I’ve barely come to terms with September. But it appears that others are ready to think Cookies. So dig out your recipes and find one that matters. I’d love to see you smiling face in the paper. And while we’re sharing, what’s your […]

pesto & tomatoes

I made pesto last night. A lot of pesto. I planted 10 basil plants a few months ago for the sole purpose of making pesto. All but one of them thrived. And I’m thrilled. We’ve now got eight batches of pesto to get us through the long Minnesota Winter. (yes, it deservers a capital W, […]


They say we might get a frost tonight. Part of me can’t wait. I need a frost to kill this ragweed. That with a Sinus Infection is no fun. But the other part of me says, Wait! I still have Basil growing. And tomatoes! And I have so much Pesto to make! Guess I’ll be […]