The Rookery

I told you that we ran away for a few days last week, right? We actually were in the tiny Unincorporated town of Cable, Wisconsin. It was pretty tough to find good food, until, that is, we found The Rookery Pub just a mile down the road from our resort. The food was out of […]

My Little Boston

My friends know me too well. Here are four of the five birthday cards I got from some friends. Three of them I opened on the same night. Too funny. The puppet card at the top right of the photo (which is also a keepsake magnet) is from Jen, who’s friend Paula made it. You […]

Cafe Wren & Jill Van Sickle

On the way out of town last week the In-Laws brought us to a fabulous little cafe not from their their house. Cafe Wren is in Luck, WI and it was so worth the drive! The atmosphere is charming, the service was friendly and the food was really very delicious. In fact, ate there again […]

And then it was August

I’m back! And suddenly it’s August. It’s still hot as heck out there but this morning I should smell fall in the air. It was 68 degrees when I walked Daughter and Dog to the corner to get a paper and I loved it. But then the sun popped out and we spent the day […]

A Week Off

I’m taking a week off. I may or may not be out of town. I may or may not have a week off from work. I may or may not be sewing, painting, writing, creating. But regardless, I’m relaxing. Hopefully with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. I’ll […]