Hola Arepa!

So, I ventured over to the center of downtown last week to meet a friend for lunch. I work about a mile from the center, and while I can walk there and back in a lunch hour, it leaves me barely enough time to grab a bite or try on a dress. So last week […]

For the Bathroom

We’ve been talking about re-doing our downstairs bathroom. But we’re torn. It still has the original 1950s tile, mint green, of course, and the original tub. And it’s in great shape. But the rest of the house is modern and open with lots of wood and windows. Do we gut it or just leave it […]

Star Prairie Trout Farm

Well, we finally made it up to Star Prairie this weekend to go to their Trout Farm. What a sweet little place. There is pond after pond of trout, just waiting for your line to drop into the water. And honestly, as soon as you do there’s a fish on the line. A most of […]

Friday Find

I found this image on my phone the other day. I think I know when I took it. I think that’s my thumb on the right. And the shorts I was wearing on the left. That may or may not be part of the dining room table in the center. But regardless, I love the […]

5 Minute Bread

Well, I finally tried it. I made Bread in 5 minutes and it was delicious. For years I’ve been meaning to try the method from the book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. And after hearing a few people talk about it again and again, I ran to my library and borrowed the book, […]


Have you heard of the Skinny Bitch Diet? Well, it’s not really a diet, but more of a way of eating. Actually, a Vegan way of eating. And no, I’m not going Vegan. I first heard about this book on Facebook. Then I requested the book from the library (or so I thought). When I […]