Oops, It’s July!

Well, July is here and has been for nearly two weeks. Oops. I’m trying to survive the heat while dealing with public pools. But it’s all good. I love summer. And I found myself smiling as I was biking today. I had just done about 13 miles in the 90 degree weather with the sun […]

In The Backyard

This is the new play area in our backyard. We ripped out more bushes and shrubs than we care to remember. Then Husband planted a dozen arborvitae and poured out about 300 bags of wood chips. I think it looks great. And now Daughter has a safe place for her slide and pool. And she’s […]

Friday Pep Talk

FYI – I can’t do Crow Pose, but Husband can. See? I met a friend for happy hour this week and she told me about a day she had a couple months ago.┬áIt was rough. A few weeks earlier she had just started a new job and it was stressful and she was worried she […]