Oops, It’s July!

Well, July is here and has been for nearly two weeks. Oops. I’m trying to survive the heat while dealing with public pools. But it’s all good. I love summer. And I found myself smiling as I was biking today. I had just done about 13 miles in the 90 degree weather with the sun beating on my back. I was hot and sweaty and sticky and miserable and oh, so, happy. (Then we went to the pool, again.)

Meanwhile, I’m behind on my resolutions update, so here goes:

1. Create
I’m sewing again! I made a dress for Daughter (post coming soon), flip-flops for me and a skirt for Daughter for the 4th, and I have a few more projects started. It’s hard to be upstairs in the studio in this heat, but it’s all good.

2. Write.
Here and there. The online class wrapped up, but a group is staying in touch.

3. Yoga
Mondays when my body has recovered from weekend tri training. If not, I’m on the couch. Writing.

4. Budget

5. Triathlon.
Swimming indoors and out, Biking everywhere and Running a ton. This heat is putting a damper on the running, but I’m still plowing through. Five weeks to go 🙂

Overall, it’s all good 🙂 What are you doing this summer to beat the heat?


In The Backyard

This is the new play area in our backyard. We ripped out more bushes and shrubs than we care to remember. Then Husband planted a dozen arborvitae and poured out about 300 bags of wood chips. I think it looks great. And now Daughter has a safe place for her slide and pool. And she’s between the patio (we’re you can find us in lawn chairs) and the house. Nice and close.

BTW – that big pot there on the left is full of mint and basil. I think a pitcher of fresh lemonade with that fresh mint is in order for this weekend. And probably a trip to the pool. What are you doing this weekend?


One More Day Off

We took one more day off after the long weekend and we made the best of it. With Daughter back in daycare, we went for a long bike ride, made a quick stop at Ikea then went to lunch and a movie. We sat outside at Saji-Ya on Grand Avenue and had some amazing sushi. There might have been beer and wine involved as well. Then we stopped at the Grandview Theatre to check out Midnight in Paris. It was great. And it was a nice break from the sun and heat and craziness of a holiday weekend.

There was Pork Gyoza,

Tuna Tataki,

And three kinds of rolls.




It was really hot last week. The heat index was about 103 degrees. How hot is that? Just ask these squirrels.


Flip-Flops for the Fourth

I ran across this tutorial for homemade flip-flops last week and knew I had to make a pair for the 4th of July. They were so easy and so quick and surprisingly comfortable. Happy 4th to all of you, but especially to Husband who I met 14 years ago today! Still seeing fireworks!


Friday Pep Talk

FYI – I can’t do Crow Pose, but Husband can. See?

I met a friend for happy hour this week and she told me about a day she had a couple months ago. It was rough. A few weeks earlier she had just started a new job and it was stressful and she was worried she had made the wrong decision. She was tired and frustrated and crabby. After work that day she had a night class. Again,she was tired and frustrated and crabby. Just totally out-of-sorts. When she got home that night she threw down her purse and work bag and lap top and said to her husband, “Honey, I need a pep talk.” He looked at her lovingly and said, “Is your shirt on backwards?”. Sure enough. It was.

Too funny.

It’s Friday. And it’s a long weekend. I have a  5-day weekend and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you have a Happy Happy 4th of July. (BTW – Husband and I met on the 4th 14 years ago, can you believe it?)
Celebrate and Be Safe!