Jen hosted a “test-run” for making Cement Pots a bit ago and even though some of them didn’t work, it was still a blast. It was really hot and really humid, which made playing in the cement and getting really dirty and sweaty even that much more fun.

There was also wine and cheese and a lot of laughs. A few of the pots (those with straight cement or groat) even worked out. You can read about the whole process on Jen’s blog, here.

And Martha brought this amazing bowl. There wasn’t enough cement to fill it, so that will have to happen next time as well. But look at that bowl. It’s from Ikea. So cool!

Happy Happy  Happy Weekend!



Remember this awesome pattern I posted about a few weeks ago? I caved and bought it. And I’m so glad I did. I made one for myself and fell in love.

So I made two more, a green one for my Sister for her birthday.

And an orange one for my Sister-in-Law for her birthday.  The pattern was so easy to follow and I used some new Outdoor Canvas fabric from Joann. I’m glad I took the time to center the pattern on the fabric, I think it made a huge difference. Now I can’t wait to make more, maybe one for every season? Or one for every friend. I’ll be busy!



photo from the kitchn

I can hardly wait for Corn Season. But that also means the end of summer will be near. Oh well, it’s worth it to have that amazing local sweet corn on my plate. And these recipes sound amazing….  can’t wait to try them all!


39 at 39

Chocolate Lava Cake from Origami
39 things i want to do in my 39th year…. starts today!

1. Do a Triathlon
2. Run a 10K
3. Make homemade bread

4. Take a nap
5. Enjoy a glass of wine with a close friend on a beautiful day
6. Read Anna Karenina
7. Do a charity walk for a cause close to my heart
8. Make sushi
9. Make homemade Veggie Burgers
10. Take the dog for a long walk
11. Go for a hike
12. Laugh
13. Go snowshoeing
14. Finish an unfinished project
15. Open my eyes
16. Conquer my fear of piecrust
17. Cook an indian meal
18. Take a nap
19. Make homemade jam
20. Spend an afternoon playing with Daughter
21. Make a recipe out of the French Laundry Cookbook
22. Take another nap
23. Climb a tree
24. Design my own fabric
25. Love
26. Plan a day trip just to eat
27. Spend more time reading
28. Go kayaking
29. Relax
30. Run a 5K with Daughter (jogging stroller, obviously)
31. Paint a picture with no restraints
32. Make friend green tomatoes
33. Do another triathlon
34. Volunteer
35. Take a road trip
36. Bake cookies from scratch
37. Buy handmade
38. Smile more
39. Have fun


It’s my parents 50th wedding anniversary today…. 50. Wow. Nicely done, Mom and Dad. See you on Sunday to celebrate.


Paper Hat

photo from

I’ve been working on-site out in the Suburbs on and off lately. Instead of sitting on the highway crawling along at 5mph, I’ve been taking the Parkway to 50th street, meaning I get to cut through the whole width of Minneapolis and check out all the cute little restaurants, parks and shops.

One spot I’ve been keeping my eye on is at the corner of 50th and Penn Avenue South. It’s a great little shop full of handmade goodies with the cutest name, paper hat. Isn’t that sweet? This morning I noticed that the coming soon signs are gone and the store front is full of goodies. Too bad they weren’t open at 8am when I drove past. I’ll have to make a special trip sometime soon.

Have you been there? Have you heard of it? Wanna meet me there?


Lunch on the Mall

A couple weeks ago I had the most amazing Turkey sandwich out of a truck on Nicollet Mall. I posted about it on Facebook and almost immediately had a lunch date scheduled with two good friends. So last week, the three of us met over lunch on the Mall and they each tried the Turkey sandwich from Turkey-To-Go. They loved them. I tried something different and crossed the street to Dandelion Kitchen. I had heard mixed reviews, but gave it a shot. And really, I should have gone with my gut and joined my friends.

It wasn’t that the sandwich was bad, it was really just boring. The bread was delicious, but too chewy. The jalapeno spread was non-existent and it was rather small. Oh well. I still had a great lunch hour in the sunshine with two good friends. That’s really all that mattered.



It’s Friday, finally, and I’ll be hanging out on the couch with a sick Toddler all weekend. It’s supposed to be steamy hot and humid here this weekend, so I’m turning the air on and watching G-rated movies. It’s a shame to lose a summer weekend, but I’m actually looking forward to hiding out and cuddling up.

Have you seen this? She said Yes. As if she wasn’t cool enough already.

Great interviews on work-life-motherhood balance.

Very cool. 

Happy Happy Weekend. Stay cool, and feel free to drop off Ice Cream if you’re nearby.


Easy Dinner

Broiled Salmon Filet with a rub of Red Curry Paste, Brown Sugar and Oil. Served with boxed Couscous with a few leftover grilled vegetables from the previous night’s kabobs. Ten minutes and dinner is done. And Daughter is crazy about Couscous, guess I should make it more often. Any other ideas of what to do with it?