Jen hosted a “test-run” for making Cement Pots a bit ago and even though some of them didn’t work, it was still a blast. It was really hot and really humid, which made playing in the cement and getting really dirty and sweaty even that much more fun. There was also wine and cheese and […]


Remember this awesome pattern I posted about a few weeks ago? I caved and bought it. And I’m so glad I did. I made one for myself and fell in love. So I made two more, a green one for my Sister for her birthday. And an orange one for my Sister-in-Law for her birthday. […]


photo from the kitchn I can hardly wait for Corn Season. But that also means the end of summer will be near. Oh well, it’s worth it to have that amazing local sweet corn on my plate. And these recipes sound amazing…. ┬ácan’t wait to try them all!

39 at 39

Chocolate Lava Cake from Origami 39 things i want to do in my 39th year…. starts today! 1. Do a Triathlon 2. Run a 10K 3. Make homemade bread 4. Take a nap 5. Enjoy a glass of wine with a close friend on a beautiful day 6. Read Anna Karenina 7. Do a charity […]

Paper Hat

photo from paperhat.com I’ve been working on-site out in the Suburbs on and off lately. Instead of sitting on the highway crawling along at 5mph, I’ve been taking the Parkway to 50th street, meaning I get to cut through the whole width of Minneapolis and check out all the cute little restaurants, parks and shops. […]

Lunch on the Mall

A couple weeks ago I had the most amazing Turkey sandwich out of a truck on Nicollet Mall. I posted about it on Facebook and almost immediately had a lunch date scheduled with two good friends. So last week, the three of us met over lunch on the Mall and they each tried the Turkey […]


It’s Friday, finally, and I’ll be hanging out on the couch with a sick Toddler all weekend. It’s supposed to be steamy hot and humid here this weekend, so I’m turning the air on and watching G-rated movies. It’s a shame to lose a summer weekend, but I’m actually looking forward to hiding out and […]

Easy Dinner

Broiled Salmon Filet with a rub of Red Curry Paste, Brown Sugar and Oil. Served with boxed Couscous with a few leftover grilled vegetables from the previous night’s kabobs. Ten minutes and dinner is done. And Daughter is crazy about Couscous, guess I should make it more often. Any other ideas of what to do […]