Baby Hawk

About a block from our house a Mama hawk built a pretty big nest. There have been a number of photographers setting up shop and spending the day watching her , and now, watching her babies. We finally brought the camera over this weekend and Husband got this great shot of one of the babies. […]


This poem showed up in my  inbox the other day and it really spoke to me. What would you write? Untitled by Bruce Dethlefsen what would I write if I had only four or five lines worth of ink or time left? how we children were put down around eight o-clock in the bedroom nearby with […]

The New Turtle Bread

We finally made it to the new Turtle Bread Company location here in Longfellow for lunch this weekend. Husband brought his Dad to the Twins game for a Birthday/Father’s Day gift, so Grandma Nibs and I took Daughter out to lunch. Daughter and I stopped by last weekend for breakfast goods, but today was a […]

Two-Year Photos

We recently had Daughter’s two-year photos taken. I don’t know about you, but I really like to receive the DVD of final images when we do these shoots. We didn’t get the files from her 6 month shots and I really feel ripped off. I know a lot of photographers charge an arm and a […]

Bread & Pickle

Okay locals, have you heard about this place? It’s the new restaurant in the Lake Harriet Bandshell. I don’t know about you, but I spent a whole lot of time hanging out around there when I was in high school. Now I occasionally walk, run or blade around it. Who wants to meet me there […]


Have you ever expected something to go one way and suddenly, without warning it went in a totally different direction? That happened to me yesterday. I felt like sinking under the table and crawling through the wall. But then I got home and remembered what really matters and I felt better. Then I went for […]

Fridays & American Pie

It’s Friday. Finally. It was a long week. On Tuesday we hit 103 degrees. Then two days later it dropped 50 degrees overnight. My toes were hot. Then they were cold. But finally, the weekend is almost here. I plan to get outside (if it doesn’t rain), hang with the girls (cheese, wine, art) and […]