Easiest Chocolate Cupcakes EVER!

I got my hair cut last week from my sweet friend, and incredible stylist, Kyle. She’s fantastic. And one of the best Mom’s I’ve ever met. We chatted about everything, included her not-so-secret recipe for cupcakes. A box of Duncan Hines Devil’s Food cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree. The following day I […]

Lie in Our Graves

I’ve been cleaning out my iTunes library this week and ran across this old CD, from what, 1996? Ouch. Anyway, I remembered my favorite song from that time in my life, called Lie in Our Graves. There’s a musical interlude halfway through the song which quietly disappates and then the the lyrics come back with: […]

Got Time?

We were at our friend Kim and Chris’s house the other night and spotted her new, awesome clock! It’s similar to this one, but dark silver, rather than orange. (On a side note, someday I’m going to post about Kim’s house because it’s absolutely amazing!!!) Anyway, she found this fabulous clock on Etsy shop All15Designs. […]


I promised you that I would share some of my writing. So, here’s a little something I wrote about a certain little girl. It’s a first draft, so bear with me.  You’re climbing the rock No fear Dad tries to hold your hand Before you jump But you just go ahead And fly off the […]

Helen Frankenthaler

Have you heard of Helen Frankenthaler? I first ran into her work during a Graduate School class on Abstract Expressionists. What an amazing class. What an amazing artist! I’ve had a soft spot for her ever since. Her work is stunning, simple and sensational. And from what I can remember from the class, she was […]