Boogie, the Boston!

I have a calendar on my wall loaded with Boston Terriers sitting on top of Scooters. I have a Boston Terrier. And I have a Scooter. Perfect! And soooooo cute!!! Look at that face! My little man, Bogey, makes that exact face when he stretches on my leg, or on the couch, or on the […]

Second Birthday Party

This weekend was Daughter’s second birthday, so we had a party! We chose a flower theme, maybe with the distant hope that there would be tulips coming up? But no, we got another dumping of snow last week, so there were still a few inches of the white stuff on the big day. If nothing […]

Modernist Cuisine

Have you seen this? “Modernist Cuisine is a six-volume, 2,438-page set that is des­tined to rein­vent cook­ing. The lav­ishly illus­trated books use thou­sands of orig­i­nal images to make the sci­ence and tech­nol­ogy clear and engaging.” Apparently a former Microsoft executive had some time on his hands and put together a cookbook. But wait, not just […]

Spring, Indeed

The calendar says it’s finally Spring. The view from my window does not agree. Regardless, here’s a bit of spring from a favorite poet, Mary Oliver. Enjoy. Such Singing in the Wild Branches (2003) It was spring and finally I heard him among the first leaves— then I saw him clutching the limb in an […]

Roasted Vegetables

Last week we roasted two pans of vegetables based on this recipe. We included potatoes, carrots, parsnips, poblano peppers, red onions and summer squash. The first night we served them with a pork tenderloin using this recipe. The vegetables were very good, the pork was amazing. But the whole point of making that many vegetables […]


Spring is finally starting to arrive up here in these parts. In it’s honor, I finally brought home some Tulips. Love them in this vase. A few things I’ve found this week. I want to go here. I want to watch a friend run this. I want to eat these. I want to read this, […]

I’m Irish!

Really, I am. My grandfather was born in Arklow, Ireland many moons ago. To celebrate, I decided to make a batch of Guinness cupcakes for my coworkers and a Guinness cake for the family. What a way to start a work day. What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day?