Placemats, For Me!

I’ve been sewing again, mostly for myself. And I’m loving it. I recently finished a set of reversible placemats for our dining room. I used this bird Ikea fabric for one side, and a simple black and white floral texture for the other. I wanted to get all six of them out of just two […]

my toes are cold

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Minnesota. I love the snow. I’m even okay with the cold weather. But really, come on! Enough is enough! My toes are frozen, my hair is staticy, and I really, really miss my flip-flops. So instead of heading south or making a margarita, I found this great […]

Sewing Table Drawer

Husband gave me this AMAZING drafting/sewing table for Christmas. It’s perfect. A large area for the sewing machine and it’s bar-height so little fingers stay away from sharp objects. And the desktop tilts so I can use it for drawing and painting when I get around to it. It also has an amazing drawer the […]