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Cupcake Liner Lanterns!

Disney found me, somehow, and started sending me their Family Fun magazine. I took a quick look through it and was pleasantly surprised. It was loaded with games and crafts and recipes. One of the best ideas I read about was for this beautiful lantern. The other really cool thing I found in this magazine was a new group of craft bloggers, including the fabulous Aunt Peaches who created this Lantern. Oh, and can you tell that it’s made from Cupcake Liners? So cool.


Sewing, Sewing, Sewing

I am online A Lot. I read a lot of blogs about sewing and creating and art and making. I read a lot of websites about sewing and creating and art and making. So when I heard that Sew Daily was launching a new community site, I couldn’t have been happier! So many ideas! So many tips!

There are even free projects, like this Faux Drawstring Skirt. It’s on my list!

Have a great weekend, stay warm and dry, and have some fun, okay?



I love this OceanWaves ring from Etsy shop SeaShores. In fact I love most of things in the shop. And I wish I had a birthday coming up. Oh well. Depending on how my day goes it might just be mine before bedtime.


What A Find!



















I have a couple of friends who are expecting little ones this spring, so I plan to surprise them each with a Minky Blanket. I ran over to Joann Fabrics yesterday, despite out 12 inches (and counting) of snow. It was slow going, but so worth it because nobody else was there. No line at the cutting counter, no other carts to fight with and no line at the check-out. I also found this amazing fabric from Alexander Henry. It’s called the Jomo Jungle Border. There’s lions and hippos and toucans and butterflies and bumblebees. So cute.  I plan to use it for both blanket, one paired with Pink Minky for friend having a girl, and the other with White Minky for the couple who don’t know what gender their baby is. I’m so excited to get going and see what the final blanket looks like!



It seems like everywhere I turn there is Pillow talk. It’s Pillow month over at Sew Mama Sew, and over at L&J they’re having a Pillow Talk Blog Hop. I’ve also borrowed three Pillow books from the library (above). And all I can say is that it’s good timing. My parents just ordered a new couch and I promised I’d make them throw pillows to match.

Here’s the couch they chose from Room&Board. It’s being delivered this weekend and then I plan to get to work. Until then, what kind of pillow do you want to see on it?

fun finds

Beautiful Find

I’ve been working on a packaging project at the day job and found this packaging for green&spring while doing some research. I think it’s absolutely stunning and would love to redo my bathroom just to have these products on my shelf. It’s a British company, but I may have to order some just because. Wow.

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Why I Don’t Knit

This is the back of a poncho for Daughter. I started it in September. Five months ago (FIVE!!). Jess fixed it once. And I’m still working on it. But I have to hurry because she keeps growing faster than I can knit.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Daughter and I made Valentine’s this weekend for her teachers and friends. We kept them simple since she’s not quite two. I cut out a pink heart and a white heart. She drew small masterpieces on the white hears and then I used the sewing machine to sew them all together. I’ve been meaning to sew on paper for months now and this was the perfect opportunity. And I love it! I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to try it. Watch for more projects, soon!

PS: Don’t forget to hit the shelves tomorrow for discounted candy, it’s the best time to buy!


I Love Fabric Stores

I ran over to Treadle Yard Goods last night to pick up some goodies and I was reminded of this recent post I read. Have you even been to a fabric store with a small child? Lorraine has. And she’s really funny.

Have a great (and romantic) weekend!