On The Tree…

An adorable mushroom made by Kristin.

A felt ornament made by my Mom a whole lotta years ago.

This adorable little bird from I Like You.

A half-eaten Gingerbread Man from Jen.

And a puppy, hiding in the middle, so toddler hands can’t reach him.

I’m taking the rest of the week off to cook, clean, bake and celebrate the holidays with my family. We’re hosting 14 people on Christmas Eve and the In-Laws on Christmas Day. But the best part will be the man with the white beard and belly who slips down our chimney on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait.

Have a good one….


We have a Winner! Well, two actually.

I was so blown away by the number of comments I received on the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day Giveaway, that I’ve decided to give away two lavendar sachets rather than just the one I promised. I had 192 comments. 192! Amazing. The winners are:

Kristin, who wrote, “lavendar makes me happy”


Jennifer T, who wrote, :”LOve the lavendar…and they are so pretty too! Thanks!”

I have sent both of you emails, so please reply!

As for me, I’m finishing up holiday details and planning to shovel another eight inches of snow when I get home tonight. Yippee for a really White Christmas!!


Happy Weekend

A new friend of mine, Liv from Choosing Beauty, listed this shop in a recent Etsy treasury. I have my heart set on this beautiful scarf. Isn’t it just amazing? It sure would brighten up our cold winter days.

Wow, I’ve been blown away by all the comments I’ve had for the giveaway (see below!) Wow! And because there’s been so many of you, I’ll be giving away more than one lovely lavender sachet. Yep! So keep those comments coming…..

And while I have your attention, I need to clarify that while the two feet of snow that dumped on us is a pain, it’s also beautiful and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I mean, if it’s going to be cold (and that’s inevitable) than we should have snow. And a lot of it. I can’t wait to make a snowman, a snow angel and go snowshoeing. Anyone want to join me?

It’s also time for a weekend. So I leave you with this beautiful video….If it doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will. Enjoy your weekend!


Orange Fishy and Cashew Brittle

As you probably know, I did my second craft sale this weekend during an enormous blizzard. Like so enormous, our professional football team’s stadium collapsed and they had to play in Detroit. It was that big. Needless to say, there were very few shoppers at the sale. That was a bummer. And it was discouraging. Etc. But I still had a good time. Primarily because my booth was fortunately situated between Orange Fishy Designs and Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle. I couldn’t have asked for better neighbors. Orange Fishy because Mary is a delight and an inspiration and the Brittle because I think their booth had more traffic than any other retailer in town!

While the sale was a bust, I did score this beautiful dress for Daughter from Orange Fishy Design. I spent the day staring at it, hoping that nobody else would snatch it up. I didn’t have much competition. Isn’t it sweet? It’s made from a vintage 70’s bedspread, which I could totally see in the house where I grew up. It’s also quilted, so with a long-sleeve T and some tights, Daughter has a lovely winter outfit.

If you’re in the Twin Cities you can find Orange Fishy at the Midtown Farmer’s Market in the warmer months. And you can find Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle at Kowalski’s or many of the local co-ops (as well as online). Feel free to send me some for the hint…. hint, hint!!

fun finds

A Paper (and Safe) Mistletoe

A Quick Note…. I’ve had such an amazing response (and a lot of great compliments) on the lavendar sachet giveaway that I’ve listed a few in the shop. More will go up soon. You can check them out here……

Growing up my Mom had a plastic mistletoe. At the time I thought it was cheesy and always wanted the real thing. So for a few years I bought my little ball of mistletoe and hung it up for the holidays. Then we got Dog. And I found out that real mistletoe is poisonous. A little dog and a little ball of poison don’t mix. Then we had Daughter. And again, a little girl and a pretty ball of poison? Not going to work. So for a few years now I’ve been looking for a plastic mistletoe, much like the one I grew up with. I could never find a thing. Until the Paper Source catalog came a few weeks ago. There, in full color, was a photo of a paper Mistletoe. Paper! Not poisonous. And something I could (sort of) create myself. And Ta Da! I put it together between sips of wine this weekend and I love it. It’s perfect and not poisonous and it won’t dry up and it shouldn’t fall apart. Now I just need to find some fishing line and a strategic place to hang it……


Giveaway Day!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! But the Comments for the Giveaway Are Closed. I’ll announce the winner(s) Monday.

It’s Monday! And I’m joining Sew Mama Sew in their Giveaway Day! I will be giving away one of these beautiful and oh-so-amazing-smelling Lavendar Sachets. The lucky winner can request a specific color. I have a few leftover from an Art Festival that was supposed to happen this weekend but, well, a blizzard came through town. (If you didn’t hear, we got 17.5 inches of snow up here in Minneapolis. In one day. We already had 16 inches, so yeah, we’ll be having a White Christmas)

So leave a  comment and I’ll use the random number generator on December 17th to pick a winner. I am willing to ship internationally, so anyone can enter….. cool!

And go check out all the other goodies that are being given away… I know that’s where I’ll be today!



Minnesota Women’s Art Festival

It’s finally here. The Minnesota Women’s Art Festival. It’s the first craft show I signed up for and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s supposed to snow again, but I know all you brave locals will be able to work your way through 3-10 inches of light snow to make it there, right? In addition to over 100 artists, there will be live music and refreshments. All by women. See you there!


Fabric Finds!

I found the Sew Mama Sew blog and shop shortly after I started sewing at th ebeginning of the year. The blog is amazing and one of the first sites I visit every morning. If you missed them, they had phenomenal gift ideas all through November. It where I got most of my ideas… But anyway… They recently introduced a number of new fabrics, and these two caught me eye. Aren’t they amazing? I’m so tempted to order at least a yard of each, any idea what I should do with them? Pillows? A Skirt? A Purse?

Mod Stripe Papaya, by Mod

Aromatherapy Sherbet, by Sanctuary

We’ll see if I can make it through the day without ordering…..


Gallery 360!

We did some Christmas Shopping this weekend and ended up over at Gallery 360. It’s an amazing little shop and gallery on 50th near Xerxes and its full of some of the most amazing stuff!

Here’s a whole display of ornaments, frames, cards and books by my dear friend Jen. Beautiful work! Go get some before they’re gone!

And look at these adorable chairs. Makes me just want to sit!

And on the way out, I spotted these phenomenal paintings by Matthew Rucker. They’re expertly crafted and so whimsical. If you know me at all you know I love to waterski. It’s so freeing, but could you imaging skiing like the painting above?