Happy (Halloween) Weekend!

This photo was in an email I received from a friend titled “Why Dogs Hate Halloween”. I couldn’t stop laughing. And then I felt so bad for the poor beagle. Sweet baby. But I have to think that his Dad loves him a whole lot that he thought up this costume. Still, poor baby.

And then I remembered that Yes, I do dress up my dog. Not this elaborately, but he gets to join in on the Halloween fun. Does your dog/cat/hamster?

Have a great Halloween weekend. I’m heading to dinner with the girls, a 4th birthday party, my first hockey game of the season and finally an evening of costumes, candy and trick-or-treating. Enjoy!

If you missed it, I’m giving away a Yoga Bag. Check out this post, leave a comment and it could be yours!

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Yoga Bag Giveaway!

photo by Melissa of The Linden Tree

My favorite little shop in South Minneapolis, The Linden Tree, asked me to make some Yoga Bags to sell a few weeks ago. I took the challenge, figured out a pattern, and brought a half-dozen to the shop a week later. I’ll be adding a few more to my Etsy shop soon, but first I need to give one away.

This bag is the first one I made while I was still figuring out the pattern, AND IT CAN BE YOURS!! The fabric is lightweight and the strap is made from fabric rather than a canvas strap. It holds a standard size yoga mat and has a long strap to throw it over your shoulder.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below and tell me about your ideal yoga bag. Pocket or no pocket? Long strap? Short strap? Bright or subtle pattern?

I’ll pick a winner on Sunday and share the big news on Monday. Until then, let’s practice our yoga breathing…. OMMMMMMM!

(sorry about the crappy bottom photo. it’s dark when I leave, dark when I get home, so I’m stuck shooting at the office, which is limiting, to say the least.)

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Jenna Z.!


Fabric Letters

I ran across this Tutorial for Rag Quilted Letters months ago and I’ve look back at it many, many times just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make them. Then I realized my nephew was turning two and knew I had to make these for him. I used the Boys Will be Boys fat quarter pack from and it was perfect. I followed the tutorial exactly, but also included a drawstring backpack so my nephew can carry then with them. I have to say he was more excited about the remote control car than the letters, but eventually he’ll enjoy them. Or at least his Mom will. Now I’m off to make a set for Daughter. But in pink, of course.

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Spooky Birthday Party

My nephew turned two last week, so my Mom and Daughter and I flew out to Denver to help him celebrate. And of course his birthday party had a Halloween theme. I put together these gift bags for the toddlers attending the party. Inside were a sheet of spooky Halloween stickers and homemade Play-doh in orange and green. We followed this recipe and substituted food coloring for the kool-aid.

My sister went all out with the food. She made these fabulous bagel “mummies” with string cheese, pizza sauce and olives.

She also made Nutter Butter “ghosts” and “bones” breadsticks served with “blood” (marinara).

To celebrate the big day they ordered cupcakes from Happy Cake in Denver. The amazing flavors included Pumpkin, Peppermint Patty, Pear Gorgonzola, Black & White, Red Velvet and Chocolate Salted Caramel.

It was a great party, great food and the birthday boy loved, I mean LOVED his presents. Happy 2nd b-day K!

fun finds

Heading West

Shot outside the Denver Art Museum on a previous visit.

Daughter and I are heading to Denver this weekend to celebrate a 2nd birthday! There will be pumpkins and squash and cupcakes and gifts and lots of toddlers. I’ll report back next week with the details.

I’ll also be having an exciting giveaway! Have a great weekend, I’ll see you next week!



I picked up some more of this beautiful fabric yesterday because I just had to have more. I am busy making Daughter the Yoga Suit from the pattern I couldn’t resist a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to line the whole suit wtih this great pink and white fabric. While I was at Treadle Yard goods, I noticed the same pattern in green, next to the green polka dots. I knew the material was really fabulous and easy to work with so I grabbed two more yards. I have some idea what to make, but what would you do with this beautiful cotton jersey?

Did I mention I believe this fabric is from Moda? There was a sign at the store, but I can’t find anything online. Just in case you were wondering…

fun finds

Oh, Wisconsin

As a Native Minnesotan (and a University of Minnesota Alum) I have a love-hate relationship with Wisconsin. They’re just right across a little river, my In-laws and Brother live there (within a stone throw from that same border river, I have to add) they have some delightful small towns (Bayfield, St. Croix Falls, etc), and they make some really good cheese. But it’s Wisconsin. Our rivals. We have to hate them.

And then I saw this poster. How adorable is this? Minnesota’s poster shows a beer. A Beer? Shouldn’t Wisconsin have the Beer? and Minnesota the cupcake? Check it out for yourself and see the other states he’s come up with. Very entertaining. But I’d still rather have a cupcake than a beer. Just saying…

fun finds

Fall Farmer’s Market

I met Jen and Lisa at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market this weekend and it was truly a treat to see all the goodies that are still available! Jen inspired me with her great photos from last week, so I brought my new camera and had some fun.

I loved the way the sun was reflecting off these peppers. Hot!

One vendor had made up these great baskets full of salad ingredients. Beautiful!

And pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. Orange!


Happy Weekend

Taken on our walk last night with my iPhone.

It’s Friday. That means it’s time for the weekend. We don’t have any big plans which is just fine with me. I hope to clean out some closets and meet some friends at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.

If you’re looking for something to do, Como Zoo is hosting a fabulous fundraiser called The Zoo Boo. Check it out here.