I’ve really been feeling overwhelmed lately…. the day job, the blogs, sewing for fun, eating to survive, preparing for shows. Not to mention that beautiful Daughter of mine. So, I’m considering a break. Not from the day job or from sewing, but from this blog world. I’m not going far, and I’ll be back often, […]

The Jenny Bag

Introducing, the Jenny Bag! I originally made this bag for a coworker named Jenny. She knew I was sewing like crazy and asked for a simple bag to hold just her wallet, iPhone and chapstick. She wanted something to sling across her body so she could be hands free when chasing her three boys, walking […]

Home Made at the Fair

I found a couple fun finds at the State Fair a few weeks ago, and have finally found the time to tell you about them. They’re both from this adorable mother-daughter team from the North Woods of Minnesota call HeimMade. They make the most appropriate Minnesota goodies: warm felted hats and mittens and other goodies, […]

Long Weekend in Bayfield

We spent the last four days in Bayfield, WI, along the south shore of Lake Superior. It was beautiful. We went to a few orchards, found an Art Crawl, went for a loooonnngg bike ride and ate a lot of good food. I’ll post about it this week while I catch up with the rest […]

Fused Glass Jewelry

Hidden Falls is one of my favorite parks in the Twin Cities. It’s hidden, duh, along the river in St. Paul, sort of tucked below the Ford Plant. There are bike and walking trails that weave through the thickest woods I’ve ever seen in the heart of a city. And yes, there are Falls, and […]

Heidi and Finn on Etsy

I ran across the Etsy shop Heidi and Finn last week and can’t get it out of my mind. The clothes from her patterns are adorable, promise to be easy and look so wearable for Toddlers. I am having a hard time not ordering the bubble skirt (above),  these adorable pleated pants, this yoga suit […]

Fall in the Arts Festival Find

Lisa and I met up at the Fall into the Arts Festival this weekend. It’s held at the beautiful Centennial Lakes Park in Edina and the work is just as stunning as the setting. Of all the amazing work we saw, one artist really stood out. The artist’s name is Louise Harris (the line is […]