Longfellow Art Crawl Recap

(photo from Ginghamlife.etsy.com)

As soon as Daughter fell asleep for her nap on Sunday, I hoped on my bike and hit a few stops on the Longfellow Art Crawl. (Husband was home, so it’s not like I ditched her). It was, however, about 90 degrees, out, so I didn’t go too fast, or too far. But I was able to make it to four locations, and most of those had more than one artist.

The first place I stopped was the home of Cherie Burke (#27). What a beautiful house! We had a delightful conversation and her portraits are absolutely stunning. She also had some fun jewelry and fuzzy, warm mittens that her neighbor made.

I stopped be a house just south of Lake Street (#13 – River House Art)where four artists were showing their work. The carved stone jewelry by David Waid was really beautiful, no idea how he does that. Another artist, Lisa Arnold, was selling mosaics, and I fell in love with her little bird. Might need to find her somewhere.

I headed south again and stopped at the home of Sally Lieberman (#19 – Gingham Life). She had handmade aprons made with vintage fabrics. They were so totally Mad Men! Not my style, but oh so fun.

On the way home, I stopped at Fireroast Mountain Cafe, where again a number of artists were selling their work. I had a lovely chat with Kat Corrigan about both her Frankensweaters and her dog paintings. She has a show opening at the Birchwood in a couple weeks, and she also encouraged me to join the MN Esty Street Team, which I did yesterday!

I’m so glad I made it out, and it was really fun to do it by Bike. The streets of Longfellow are straight, flat and quiet. I probably made it through the neighborhoods faster on my bike than on my car. But probably with a bit more sweat. Didn’t even think about taking the scooter…..



Made from 100% cotton, they’re 16 inches square. And they’re going in the shop this week.

Patterned fabric on one solid, solid on the other. You need a new set this fall, don’t you?


Back to School: Pencil Case

It’s almost time for head back to school, and while I’m not going back, I know a whole lot of you out there are. So, I put together this adorable pencil case for all you students! The fabric is 100% cotton black with bright, fun flowers. The inside is bright yellow, like the handles, so you can see which pen or pencil you’re grabbing. The zipper is bright green, matching some of the flowers on the outside. I’m thinking of making a few more and listing them in my Etsy shop. What do you think?


The Linden Tree

The Linden Tree ” is a unique shop featuring remarkable creations by local artists, along with a beautiful selection of fabrics.” Doesn’t that just sound amazing? And they just opened last week. They are right across the street from the delicious Turtle Bread Company in Southwest Minneapolis. They carry fabrics by Amy Butler, Alexander Henry and Michael Miller. Plus beautiful handmade goodies by local artists. So, head over there, do some shopping and then grab lunch across the street. I’ve already got a date scheduled.

And an old friend of mine, Sara from Boehnke Creative, designed their beautiful logo. (She’s not old, we’ve just known each other for a while.)


designSponge Camera Strap

I needed something to jazz up my new camera, so I made this really simple, really quick and oh so lovely, camera strap cover. Now when I’m with all the other novice photographers at the park or zoo or wherever, I’ll know exactly which camera is mine. (As if I ever set it down). Anyway,  I used my favorite Alexander Henry Fabric. You can also see it on my shop used for a wine bag.


Cloud9 Fabrics… I Won!

A few weeks ago I left a comment on Cloud9’s Blog to win a fat quarter bundle and a quilt pattern. There were 212 comments when I last checked, but amazingly I WON!. I never WIN. But I WON. And now I’m the proud owner of this amazing fabric. It’s beautiful. And remember that great fabric I brought home from Purl in NYC? It included one of the prints in the bundle I won. (I’m still working on two beautiful projects with that stash, to be revealed soon.) After I finished drooling all over the goods, I hide them in the bottom of my fabric pile.I have no idea what I will do with it, but I want it to be something special. Any ideas?

And speaking of winning…. I forgot to annouce the winner of the Key Fob last Friday… congratulations, ANNA! Nicely done. And thank you everyone for your encouraging comments! Have a great week!


An Easy Grocery List Download

Have I mentioned that I love to make lists? And you know I love to eat. And I spend my days as a graphic designer. So what’s better than a professionally designed grocery list? For years I’ve been trying to figure out an efficient way to organize weekly meals, get the recipes and ingredients together and get home from the grocery store with everything on my list and without a headache. I think I figured it out. And I want to share it with you.

It’s a simple, three columned grocery list. On the left is a section to list what the meals for the week are. Start on whatever day works for you. Include breakfast, lunch and dinner or (like me) just include dinner (main dish and sides). Go through the week and write down what ingredients you need from each section of the store. This made the actual shopping trip go so quickly! There was no more running back to produce for that missing jalapeno or running back to dairy to grab shredded cheese. Amazing. When the sheet is all filled out and you’re ready to head to the store, fold it in thirds, hiding the week’s menus. This gives the paper some weight so you can cross items off. and you can easily flip back and forth and see the whole list.

Ta da! I hope this simplifies your life at least a little. It has mine. And if you have suggestions for the list (I’ll consider it a work-in-progress) send me a note. To download a pdf of the list, click below:



Adorable Orange Dress

My friend Anna is amazing. And so is her beautiful daughter. Together, they’ve given Daughter most of her wardrobe this past year. So to thank them, I made this dress using the Little Blue Boo pattern I used for Daughter’s dress a few months ago. Anna said her daughter’s favorite color is Orange. But instead of just making an orange dress, I instead used red and yellow T-shirts for the main dress and an orange T-shirt just for the straps. I printed the orange using contact paper and fabric paint at Jen’s latest pARTy. Anna was in the other room while I did the painting, so I had to work in stealth mode. It worked, so never saw it and had no idea. The best part was when she showed it to her daughter and she said, “Wow, it’s beautiful.” Geez… I couldn’t be happier.

Anna – I need a photo of this on your beautiful daughter on the beach, please!


Wine Bags

Now that you’ve all checked out my new etsy shop, I’ll periodically feature a new item I’ve listed. Here is a photo of one of the wine bags I made. I altered a pattern I found online to make it my own, and to simplify it a bit. They make the perfect bag for wrapping a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. And it’s reusable, so it’s a gift as well.

Not giving a bottle of wine? The bag can be used as a simple gift bag. Again, reusable, no tissue paper needed. I’m working on a few more in Autumn colors. Anything else you want to see?