Winterberry, Inc.

I ran into this amazing piece of work at the Art at St. Kate’s exhibit a few weeks ago. It’s beautiful here, but stunning in person. The artist is Leslie A. Pilgrim and to say she’s talented is an understatement. I love her textures and color palette and hope to someday have a piece of […]

Bird Fabric!

A few weeks ago I wrote about some Yummy Fabrics I found while surfing. Well, my sister read it and after a few clicks, sent me some beautiful Bird Fabric for my birthday! I was so stunned when I opened the package because I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember ordering it. I knew […]

Physics & A Wedding

I have a friend who’s a geek. She admits it, and knows it quite well. She quite her job mixing paint (like creating paint, from scratch) to teach high school Physics. And then she went to a summer teacher conference and met a guy who teaches high school Physics. Now these two are getting married. […]

Anthropologie Wishes

I bought a purse at Anthropologie a couple years ago. I promptly returned it a few days later and decided I’d rather find one on Etsy. Since then, they’ve sent me these lovely cards on my birthday. Last year’s card included a cute little sewing kit. This year they sent this adorable card with a […]

Highland Fest Recap

I ran over to Highland Fest this weekend. Twice. I went on Saturday afternoon and found many vendors packing up because of the approaching Storm. (Can’t say I blamed ’em, the wind was whipping and the sirens forced me, sleeping Daughter and scaredy Dog into the basement a few hours later.) But the vendors that […]

Lime Green Key Fob and a Headache

I know I’ve been leaving hints about the grand opening of my Etsy shop, but I have to tell you all this it will be delayed. I cut my thumb pretty violently with a rotary cutter, the day job is busier than we’ve been in years so I’m back to FT temporarily, and I’ve had […]

Jumbo Crayons are Fun!

We picked up a package of Jumbo crayons the other day, you know the big, thick ones, that are harder to chew and swallow? Well, I’ve discovered they are just as easy to chew, but they are easier for little tiny hands to hold. I also discovered that they are full of inspiration. While daughter […]

Simple Six-Pocket Bag

I found the pattern for this adorable Simple Six-Pocket bag a few months ago and just came across the bookmark last week. With some fun Ikea fabric and a free afternoon, I put one together. I really love how it turned out, but I have to say there are a few things I’d tweak the […]