Wow… October?

It’s already the 5th of October, but you’d never guess it around here. It hit 85 degrees yesterday. The sun was shining. The leaves were a bright yellow. And it was beautiful.

1. Create
Still sewing here and there. And I’ve been design a few invitations for friends a family. Tt’s been fun. More on that soon.

2. Write.
Kinda sorta on this. I went to my new writing group meeting and they’re a talented, generous group. But I still need help getting my but in the chair.

3. Yoga
Still going over lunch at least once a week. Still loving this lovely new instructor. He’s so peaceful.

4. Budget
Totally on this. No worries. Ha!

5. Triathlon.
Done! In fact, I did my first 10k last weekend and that, too, was a blast. I have been swimming again and dusted off my bike. There are a couple of indoor triathlons this winter that I’m considering. But Hockey will be starting later this month. And I can’t wait.

How is your fall going? Getting used to the slower/faster pace?


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