19 of 91: Orchid


My orchid bloomed again. I know they are supposed to bloom more than once, but not for green thumbs like me. When I buy a plant I always ask the garden store for something I can’t kill. These plants are few and far between. Last year, just before we listed the house again, I bought this orchid. I used it for staging the house. It spent its days on a floating shelf just inside the house; a signature piece that was supposed to show what patient and careful homeowners we were. I never expected it to last the move and actually bloom again. For the past couple months it was a pot of leaves and two long stems. Should I cut them stems? LEave them? Toss it? Then I woke up to a beautiful purple bloom. And the next day there was another. By the weekend there should be too more. A quick search on google told me that a healthy orchid will bloom every 8-12 months. Boom. It’s back. And I couldn’t be happier.


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