10/93: Heart

Amazing Print from Etsy seller Forgotten Pages.
Amazing Print from Etsy seller Forgotten Pages.

I saw my heart today. Sort of. I saw it through an ultrasound; an echocardiogram.

Two weeks ago by OBGYN told me I had a heart murmur. I panicked. I saw a cardiologist who immediately asked, “Who heard a murmur?” When I told him he tried to hide his smile and said I didn’t have even a hint of a murmur.

Have you seen your heart on a screen? It’s not the simple “Badump, Badump, Badump” that you expect. What I could see and hear was a “Badump-wo-dump, Badump-wo-dump.” I was sure there was a murmur. I was sure it was serious. I was sure I’d be facing surgery.

The technician said very little, except that I shouldn’t expect an urgent call with bad news.

Two hours later I missed a call from a Nurse. He told me my heart was normal.

No murmur.


Just more material to write about, I guess.



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